The consultations

The consultations are only by appointment in order to have no delays. You can make an appointment:

On the internet at the website:

  • Choose the week/day/hour which you prefer at Evere or Duisburg
  • Choose “afspraak” 
  • Fill in the information asked (name, date of birth, telephone number, e-mail)
  • If this is the first time you make an appointment fill in your address
  • Eventually mention the reason for your appointment.
  • Choose the correct test if you need this (visual field, drivers licence, diabetes or official papers to fill in)
  • Choose “Save”

By telephone:

  • Brussels: 02 771 91 11
  • Duisburg: 02 731 64 94

For emergencies, always make an appointment by telephone!

For the good order:

  • Please do not be late, nobody likes to wait.

  • Notify if you’re not able to make it for your appointment (annulations or changing is only possible by telephone). A missed appointment will be billed 25 euro.

  • You need 1 appointment for 1 person. For more people you will need to make extra appointments.

  • Your eye doctor also accepts emergencies. If this happens you might have to wait even though you have an appointment.

  • Some examinations will take more time, such as a visual field in case of glaucoma (problems with the eye pressure), official documents, and the examination for drivers. In this case ask for a “grote test” to make sure we have enough time. Always mention the reason of the appointment.

  • After a dilated eye exam for diabetes, you will not be able to drive for 3-4 hours. Please take this into account.

  • You can pay by card or cash